Aldous The Powerful Fighter: How to Use Soul Contractor

Aldous The Powerful Fighter: How to Use Soul Contractor

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s world, Aldous the powerful fighter who can kill enemies with a single hit. We will talk about Aldous’s skills and methods in this book. This will show you how to use the Soul Contractor and help you win every Mobile Legends game.

Aldous The Powerful Fighter: Aldous, how good are you at Mobile Legends?

Passive: The contract is changed

The silent power of Aldous, Contract: Changes and makes him stronger. Every two hits gives his next basic move a three-second shield. Soul Steal stacks show how strong a shield is. Find out how Soul Steal can make basic strikes stronger to get the most out of this defensive advantage.

The first skill is to steal souls.

With Contract: Soul Steal, Aldous lets out all of his power. Because of his physical attack and Soul Steal stacks, his next basic strike is better. The fastest way to learn this skill is to farm quickly, especially at the beginning. Look in the bushes for great last hits and stacks.

Aldous The Powerful Fighter: Contract Explosion is the second skill.

Aldous’s most useful skill, Explosion, can use both offensively and defensively. Aldous can move faster and take less damage when he keeps himself safe. When in the defensive stance, this skill stuns and hurts enemies nearby. Make good use of this skill to get into or out of fights and help your team win.

Deal of the Day: Follow Fate

Deal: Chase Fate, Aldous’s most powerful ability, briefly shows him all of his enemies. After the second time, he can dash at an enemy hero and knock them back. You can stop Recall or Arrival with this skill, and it can give you an early edge by going after enemies with low health.

Aldous The Powerful Fighter: Advice on How to Play Aldous

Aldous The Powerful Fighter: Putting together Soul Steal Stacks

He needs more Soul Steal stacks to reach his full ability. These tips will help you build stacks quickly:

  • For the first five minutes, use the extra minions in the middle lane for strategic farming.
  • To get more stacks, destroy guns, kill the Lord, or beat the Turtle.

Advanced Targeting: Choose “Advanced” to quickly and correctly aim your weapons at minions.

  • It’s call Mastering Contract Soul Steal.
  • Deal: Soul Steal is all about speed. To make the most of this skill, follow these tips:
  • Right on Time Last Hits: Plan your moves so that they hit minions last to build stacks more quickly.
  • If fighting is too dangerous, you can get stacks by standing next to a dying minion.
  • Explosion is a contract use.

To get the most out of Contract: Explosion, add it to your game:

  • Protect yourself with moves that help you move faster and avoid getting hurt.

Manual activation: Finishing an enemy with your hands briefly stops them, which helps your team win.

  • You can chase Fate to Max Contract.
  • Contract: Chase Fate is an ultimate that changes the game and needs planning:
  • Map Awareness: Keep an eye on the map to know when to use this ultimate.
  • Early in the game, attack enemies with low health to kill them and steal their Soul Steal.
  • Late Game Strategy: To slow down the other team’s damage, focus on weak targets like shooters, mages, and marksmen.
  • Chase Fate can help you find enemies that are hidden, especially during Lord fights or goal matches.

That being said

You can use the Soul Contractor to its fullest after learning from this Mobile Legends Aldous guide. Plan how to build stacks and how to use Aldous’s skills to take over the fight. Take on the title of Mobile Legends winner and use Aldous’s power to win VTBET!